You’re Family at Kandi’s


New Rides, Classic Rides, and Daily Drivers!

Our new mechanical department can assist you with anything from basic to  high end and synthetic oil changes, brakes, rotors, tuneups, batteries, wiring harnesses, electrical,  and more, to minor and major mechanical issues, and routine maintenance. 

We offer the same high quality craftsmanship in our mechanics department that you have come to expect from us in our auto body and restoration service.

Scheduling with us is easy! You can even do it online by clicking the button below!  For some cases, you can talk directly with our mechanic. Otherwise, we can schedule you in for a service appointment. 

Our Mechanical rate is $60 per hour, except on oil changes.  Your price is a package deal on oil changes. 

Did you know we are authorized distributors for for following companies but not limited to) in our mechanical department: 

Schaeffer’s Lubricants 

Trick Flow Specialties 

Interstate Batteries 

Schaeffer’s is all Kandi herself personally uses in her classics and daily drivers.  It’s worth the upgrade and change! Trick Flow Specialties, along with Box Performance are also two of her sponsors when it comes to the street and strip. 


Classic Vehicle Inspections

Did you recently purchase or acquire a classic vehicle that may have sat a while. Perhaps your own classic or antique ride hasn’t seen the road in some time.  Important components can become corroded after time with moisture and weather changes.  Rust can eat through structural and supportive frames.  Pesky rodents chew their way in wires,  and sometimes your life saving safety belts become dry rotted.

We offer an in-house mechanical inspection that thoroughly checks your vehicle to make sure you and your loved ones are safe. Some of the things, but not limited to that we look at in our inspection: breaks, break lines, hoses, leaks, fluid checks (we recommend adding  new), frame stability, tire age, drivability, seatbelt wear, and more.  This service places your vehicle on one of our car lifts so we can fully see the underneath for a proper inspection.

This process takes approximately 8 hours and includes a full write up with our findings, and any suggested repairs.  Cost for this speciality service is $500 and must be scheduled in advance.


Quality & Treatment You Deserve

We strive to push to be a team and family based environment, and avoid the large CEO, giant corporate experience that many have become all to familiar with. You’re more than a number to us, and your vehicles longevity, dependability, and above all else, safety, is what matters most. We don’t believe businesses should put profit before people. 

Thank you to our First Responders  & Veterans:


Kandi’s father and brother were both volunteer firefighters, and Rob McCrea is a 20+ year, full-time career firefighter and volunteer.  Both Kandi and Rob feel the importance of giving back to our community, and thanking those that put theirselves on the line, both  on our Homefront, and abroad.  All fist responders and veterans with proper i.d. get 10% off any of our services.

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