Restoring a piece of American Automotive History.

A few of our fine after images are here from some of our larger scale builds and overhauls.

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Saving a Piece of American Automotive History

Experience. Professionalism. Quality.

Kandi’s Rods & Kustoms strives on extreme quality, professionalism, and some of the coolest restoration and overhauls in the industry. These aren’t just ‘rides’ that come through our door. Each build at Kandi’s is treated for what it is; a beautiful piece of American Automotive history that can’t be replaced.  The builds that come through our shop are treated as though they are the rarest form of art, and as if they were the last of their very kind. This job takes patience, skills, and a passion or obsession for the hot rod world like you may have never experienced before. Our reputation and builds are held to the highest standards. We have been humbled with a large following from around the country, but especially here in Ohio and Michigan.

Not all of the builds here at Kandi’s have to be complete rotisserie builds and nut to bolt restorations. However, we emphasize on the importance of proper automotive repairs and metal work to ensure the high quality paint has an acceptable under surface.

We see each vehicle a piece of lost American automotive history, an extension of ourselves when the build is being worked on and finished. We know the sentimental value these machines hold to many of us. Each one has its story from the families that have owned it and the experiences they or the car have been in. 

Quality should never be sacrificed and there is no such thing as, “good enough” at Kandi’s Rods & Kustoms. Our team of mostly women auto body techs and hot rod builders strives to bring you the most meticulous of details and work.

There are no details left undone when you choose us as your professional hot rod restoration and paint shop.  A true overhaul can take anywhere from a full year, two, or even up to three, depending on the amount of custom work, fabrication, and hours being put into it.

Our restoration and paint rate is $60/hour.

Custom Fabrication Rate is $80/hour.

We specialize in using Matrix Automotive Finishes, House Of Kolor, Lil’ Daddy Roth Metal Flake in our paint department.


Watch the builds on these featured rides:

More epic rides:

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